Frequently asked questions

1.What is ARecord ?

A Record is a redirection service that eliminates the need to setup a server for redirection. This service provides an IP that the user can use to setup A Record

2.Do you support HTTPs ?

Currently our service supports HTTP. You can expect HTTPs support in near future.

3.Can I register multiple domain with single emailid ?

Every single domain need to be registed with a unique email-id. Currently {A} record is not supporting multiple domain registration with single email-id. To register new domain you have to use a different email-id.

4.Can i redirect to subdomain other than www ?

Redirection to any other subdomain is not supported at the moment.

5.How reliable is ?

Our servers are tested, monitored and efficient to handle multiple requests even though we are running in beta.

6.Do i need to pay to use this service ?

This service is FREE of any cost during the Beta period and you will not be charged.